The Honest Formula for Success

The Formula for Success

We all want happiness, different things can make people happy, but unless you are a monk, money can make people happier. However, you cannot look at money as materialistic things (cars, big houses etc.), you have to look at money as a tool. A tool that can get you freedom to do what you want, by nature humans have to be free, to explore the world, that’s why there are so many unhappy and depressed people.

How many people do you know that like their bosses, we tend to hate people who tell us what to do, we even often get into conflicts with our own parents because they think they know what type of life we need. Money eliminates these problems, you can leave that lousy job and be free. And once you have enough money that you don’t have to worry about money, you can do things that you can enjoy, even better if the thing you enjoy brings you money.
Now let’s get to the logistics.

formula for success successIf you have a passion and it makes you even some money, stick to it eventually you will break through.

If you have not found your passion go find it, perhaps go to college or university, or work for a few years. Honestly I would recommend you to get an education so that you have something to fall back on.

Sadly, unless you have some sort of gift or talent you will almost never get enough money to really never worry about money when, working for somebody else, as I mentioned before a man has to be free. The best way to reach freedom is starting to work for yourself e.g. starting a business or similar venture. In this type of scenario you are the boss, you are in control of your own journey. When you are the boss, success can be equated into a simple formula.formula for success

  • Outside factors like luck cannot be controlled, so we are not going to even think about it. I put rich parents, winning a million dollars into the luck category. You should never put yourself down and compare yourself to others, the hand you’ve been dealt is out of your control and you should focus on other factors.

formula for success luck

  • Effort I think is self-explanatory, what you put in is what you get out.

formula for success effort

But how about time, how can you increase time(you think in your head). The answer is very simple, by increasing your lifespan, the time you have on this earth. I hear many stories how some millionaires are so cheap that they eat ramen noodles every day and die before they can enjoy their hard-earned money. When we are born we are completely pure, a baby’s body is a sanctuary. Only later on we develop diseases.

That means unless you have some sort of inherited disease it comes down to outside factors. We can get a disease through air pollution, however unless you live near a nuclear plant it’s probably not your main concern. The number one cause for disease is food. I will make separate article about that. I don’t want to leave you empty-handed so I will give you a little something. Your body has all the answers, listen to your body. If your smart you’ll figure it out, or wait for future posts (Healthy Food List To Improve Health)

formula for success time

Productivity can be increased by optimizing your food, so that your brain is sharper and faster. And don’t be cheap if you can make some sort of shortcut, hire an employee, do it, be smart.

In order to succeed you have to drop bad habits, use your time wisely, stop playing time-wasting video games or watching meaningless sports games instead learn, try to find ways to improve your life, optimize it. A great way to learn is to read books(not novels), but books about philosophy and self-improvement. One great starter book is called university of success by Og Mandino, a mix of the best self-improvement books put into one. A great starter book for someone who is new in his journey to becoming his greatest version.

You can buy it here, University of Success by Og Mandino.

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